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Morning River Sun
with Morning Mone

Sitting by the river in this beautiful valley, I can feel the warmth of the morning sun gently kissing my skin. The air is crisp, fresh, filled with the scent of blooming flowers and the earthy aroma of the forest. The water flows lazily, shimmering under the sunlight, creating a soothing melody that harmonizes with the songs of distant birds.

As I take a deep breath, the world around me starts to shift. Colors become more vibrant, and the leaves on the trees seem to dance with an otherworldly grace. A sense of euphoria and connectedness washes over me, blending seamlessly with the tranquil beauty of the valley. I close my eyes, letting the sensations swirl within me. The ground beneath me feels alive, almost as if I can sense the heartbeat of the earth. Each blade of grass, each ripple in the water, seems to pulse with energy, inviting me to lose myself in this moment.

Opening my eyes again, everything appears more vivid, more alive. The sunlight filters through the leaves, casting ethereal patterns on the ground. The trees seem taller, ancient, whispering secrets of the past. The sky stretches endlessly, a canvas painted in shades of blue and gold.

I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude, not just for this place, but for being able to experience it in such a profound way. The boundaries between me and the world around me dissolve, and I become a part of this valley, a part of its beauty and serenity. It's as if the universe is embracing me, showing me the interconnectedness of all things.

In this moment, by the river, I am more than just myself. I am a part of the rhythm of nature, a note in the symphony of life. I know that this is a memory I will carry with me, a reminder of the simple, breathtaking beauty of existence.

music: oliversum 113 (adam edit)


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First Airtime: 28.05.2024 / 24oo-01oo

Return of the Sun
with Moaning Mone

It is the time of the year the sun is kissing the treetops a little bit sooner everyday. Let loose, hang loose, and let yourself be guided by the sounds of this show. Take the ticket, enjoy the ride.

music: merlin (Fusion//Räuberhöhle//2014) (adam edit)


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First Airtime: 31.01.2024 / 24oo-01oo

Snowcovered Valley
with Adam Acid

After Nitrus shot through the roof and never was seen again, everything became more quiet and defined. Join us on this beautyful trip in our snowpowdered valley, feel the quietness and peace, relax and enjoy the ride.

music: oliversum 112 (adam edit)


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First Airtime: 29.11.2023 / 24oo-01oo

Melting Time
with Nitrus Lovehaus

What time is it you don’t know, it is lost gone!
You are on fire the mind is distracted dancing with bodily excitement.
But the music must carry on.
Fortunately some artists decided to go wild and play music for longer than 3:43 seconds. And here is a fine selection.
Only with time can you really get in the groove and lose yourself.
So, get hot, press play and see where you dance to!


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First Airtime: 30.08.2023 / 24oo-01oo

Beware of the Horn
with Nitrus Lovehaus

You got the Horn?
Nope, but I brought the trumpet.
But you have the acid?
Just keep that air blowing.

A bit of a dive into trumpet -The instrument of choice for Nitrous Love Haus. Here the music flows from long to short. Relax to wild. All the phases one might encounter on a typical wednesday evening. If you are feeling like the sheep in the grass then maybe just keep going.



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First Airtime: 31.04.2023 / 24oo-01oo

Getting in the Groove
with Nitrus Lovehaus

On a lot of these adventures it seems it is about getting in that space where you are just flowing. In this episode some music is selected which just finds that groove spot and stays there. Some find electro music boring which is fine because there is loads of other music that also keeps you grooving. Alot of the music in this episode has roots in West African music and therefore the photo of the great instrument "the DunDun", a bass percussion instrument.

Some of these songs are definitely best listened to in the Album context for example "Talking Heads" speaking in Tongues is an unforgettable trip experience (even though David Byrne was a very sober musician himself). Also in this edition there is a song that Nitrous LoveHaus played live at a sex positive party in Berlin. It was quite an experience and inspired more thoughts and need for research into the them "what music is good for making love to?"

Well, I hope you enjoy the music. Have fun, sex and good trips.


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First Airtime: 29.03.2023 / 24oo-01oo

the Pilot
with Nitrus Lovehaus

This show is an exploration into the relationship between music and love or alternatively between music and psychadelics. Every 5th wednesday of the year a selection will be made with one song that probably doesnt fit but all the others will be tried and tested! Each show the researchers will try and learn more about these topics by using classic resources: interviews with celebrities, books written by geniuses all the standard radio fodder. There will also always be one song played by a very random Berlin band "Dirty Feetz" Presented by Nitrous Love Haus the first episode takes a trip on a slugs back to the delightful lands of Brazil where Bach is found playing cello on the Beach.


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First Airtime: 30.11.2022 / 24oo-01oo


Thanks for all the Trips.