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Radio Riverflow

Einfach laufen lassen. Ein bis zweimal im Monat nimmt Euch Adam Allegro von der Schnulze Putschtd Enputin, der Jules Verne unter den Radiomoderatoren, mit auf eine phantastische akustische Reise. Ihr schwimmt zusammen mit dem Reiseleiter für ein kurzes Stück auf dem Fluss des Lebens und lasst euch gemeinsam treiben. Es geht um interessante Themen, Lebensgeschichten, Wissenschaft, Neugier, Freiräume, Musiker, teils mit Gästen, teils mit Publikum, sometimes in english, oft chaotisch und dazu gibts leichte bis vollohrige Musik serviert für akustische Feinschmecker. Ticket lösen, Fahrt geniessen.

Die Sendung wird jeden 4. & 5. Mittwoch im Monat von 24oo-01oo bei der Radiofabrik ausgestrahlt, im Rahmen der Let's Netz Sendereihe vom CCC Salzburg, nachhörbar in der Strömung, im Archiv oder als Podcast.

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Frequenzen in Österreich: 107,5 - 97,3 - 103,8 Mhz

Physical Theater :
with Peter Sweet

In this awesome episode, Adam and the Brot have Peter Sweet as a Guest, an expert in physical Theater. With the assistance of the noisy audience, these three attempt the ambitious task of bringing physical theater to the radio. Sounds strange? It may well be. Pete tells of his way into street performing. Encouraged by his friend "the Monkey" he starts in front of the cable cars of San Fransisco. He then makes his way, via Australia (where the streets are not paved with gold), to Europe where he learns to be able to support himself as a solo artist.

Torn between cheap sex and real love he discovers what a LIMO is, and what else is needed to attract people on the streets. Now, years later he is well equipped to explain "exactly what is physical theater?" Is it just rolling on the floor for half a minute or is it something bigger? What we can be sure of is that it is a very old thing!

Pete (of Meet Pete Sweet) now has a new show "Foolish Doom" with his partner Leonie Baker, who just so happens to be in the audience. TA DA. Pete plays a wizard, Burnheart, who tries to save the world. He has been called by Pippa who was alarmed by the lack of buzzing. The wizard is puzzled by this epic mess....a cliff hanger (if you want more then go and see their show!)

Pete gives an insight into some of the inspiration that leads to him develop his shows, and describes the process of how he turns the impulse into poetry. To cut to the chase, the enviromental crisis moved Peter so much that he can no longer not say something about that. Peters way of speaking is through his shows (unless asked onto a radio show) and so he has tried to create a space, a show, in which the audience can feel what is happening right now.

Peter then goes onto describe his teaching methods, bringing technique together with feeling to create "art". You will see a teapot and a bedpan (for a child with big hands) transform into an old lady while being "seduced" by a Viennese Englishman. You will hear the tail of Billy Malcolm and his game of dice with the Devil and of course you will taste his answers to the usual cereal packet questions. There are some tasty questions and some quite delicious answers.

the teapot character (played by Leonie and Peter)

Listen to Life.

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Erstausstrahlung: 24.08.2022 / 24oo-01oo

Radio Acid Love :
with ???

We decided to bring a new format to you, every 5th Wendnesday in a month. It will be about music for making love and/or taking LSD.

Erstausstrahlung: 31.08.2022 / 24oo-01oo

From the Playns :
Breakfast Special

Auch dieses Jahr sind wir wieder auf dem "From the Playns Festival" dabei. Diesmal werden wir dort eine Frühstücksshow a Sonntag hosten. Die Doppelfolge vom letzten Jahr könnt ihr hier nachhören, wenn ihr euch für Künstler die dort auftreten werden interessiert empfehlen wir noch die Folgen mit Juri, Richi und Pete.

Erstausstrahlung: 28.09.2022 / 24oo-01oo


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